A PC POS Solution Moves Your Business Forward

Are you still using an electronic cash register (ECR)? It’s quite common for smaller businesses to use ECRs, but your company could be suffering from underperformance.

Although ECRs are still technically “computers,” they aren’t equipped to move businesses forward nearly as quickly as a PC POS solution. Typically, they are proprietary machines that require custom programming by the vendor.

Keeping up with inventory, labor management, and the point of sale experience can seem like separate, manual tasks. With POS technology, you can manage this all in one place, anywhere, anytime.

Think about it this way: if your business closes its doors, you could always convert your POS system from your business’s PC to a home computer until you can flip your sign back to “Open,” storing all of your customized tasks. If you’re using an ECR, it will sit there collecting dust until your lights come back on.

Your PC is responsible for controlling devices beyond itself, and with the right software, it can make a wide range of daily tasks a lot easier. It connects to magnetic stripe credit card readers, specialized receipt printers, display monitors for purchase summaries, cash drawers, and barcode scanners.

If you fear upgrading to a new system means your traditional needs won’t be met, don’t be. POS software was specifically designed to tackle common business challenges, such as:

  • Speeding up checkouts

  • Reducing overall costs

  • Generating more sales

  • Satisfying customers

  • Streamlining processes

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