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Get the Efficiency Your Business Needs with a Tablet POS Solution

Historically, a visitor’s experience with an establishment has been just one touch: the transaction. Now, businesses are getting more engaged with their customers from the moment they walk in the door through their checkout—all with the help of a tablet POS solution.

It’s no secret that sales are the cornerstone of any business. If you’ve only been checking sales reports monthly—typically, once it’s too late to make a change—a tablet POS solution can speed this up.

Cloud-based point of sale technology lets you check reports each day, anywhere, anytime. You have the power to customize your documents ranging from net sales and payroll reports to a breakdown of service types provided.

By having access to more data about your business, you have the power to make better strategic decisions about two key business elements: visitor experience and labor management.

Make Interactions Smooth for All Parties

A tablet POS solution doesn’t just benefit the business owner. Both servers and customers can take advantage of a tablet’s versatility since it can be used as a stationary terminal or a hand-held device. A guest can pay and tip with a table-side tablet without waiting for the server to return, therefore increasing table turn over time. As a stationary POS option, guests can quickly swipe, tip, and sign for a smooth checkout experience.

In addition, a business utilizing a tablet POS solution is guaranteed to enhance kitchen efficiency and accuracy. When a server or customer inputs an order on a tablet, tickets are seamlessly communicated to the kitchen. With this technology, neither servers nor guests are worried about an order getting missed.

Whether you’re an established business or getting ready to open your doors, a modern, tablet POS system offers benefits across your organization.

You can expect to see:

  • A low learning curve for your staff and guests

  • Faster checkouts

  • Customer engagement opportunities

  • Higher tips for staff

  • A boost in business reputation

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